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NFMC's mission statement is "To support and develop American music and musicians." The NFMC objective is to bring into working relation with one another music clubs and other musical organizations and individuals directly or indirectly associated with musical activity, for the purpose of aiding and encouraging musical education and developing and maintaining high musical standards throughout American and other countries.


The Adult Clubs, are working groups of members that:

  • Promote American Music and Musicians
  • Aid and encourage Music Education and appreciation of the Arts

Adult Clubs of the IFMC:

 Create monthly programs that are informative and educational

 Share musical performances and/or lecture series

 Support school and community musical performances

 Raise funds for specific music projects in our communities and schools

 Share the friendships found in work well done

 Offer gratifying leadership and membership roles

 Welcome those who appreciate and enjoy music

 Can apply for IFMC scholarship award to an Adult club or club member and other NFMC adult awards for handbell choirs, American Music, and much more


Other Opportunities to Serve:

 Collegiate Clubs Offer music education and music therapy awards, as well as a variety of performance awards on a state, regional and National level. 

Junior Clubs involve grade school through high school music students in performance and composition awards as well as the Federation Festivals.  IFMC annually awards summer campships of through its Junior Festival program.